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Thread: [GUIDE] How to manually update/restore firmware (TF101, TF201, TF300, TF700, TF701)

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    thanks for your guide.
    This is a great job, keep it on!

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    Bootloop TF300T: Did Firmware Update but still in bootlop

    Hello all,

    My mom's ASUS TF300T tablet and was stuck in a bootloop, tried the data wipe and RCK but ended up getting the lying down android with the ! coming out of it's chest. I look for solutions and ended up here.

    I decided to do a firmware update (unfortunately since it's in a boot loop I can't check the SKU whether it's CN, JPN ,US, etc). I'm in the US and I bought the tablet from amazon so I took a chance and did the firmware update with TF300T-US_epad-10_6_1_27_5-UpdateLauncher version.

    I did the steps in post 1, fat 32 SD card, unzip, rename to Everything went well but it's still stuck in boot loop. I tried the wipe data first and it's still in boot loop.

    I think the firmware update was successful since the recovery boot menu is giving: Android cardhu-user bootloader <1.00 e> released by "US_epad-" A03, which is the firmware I updated to.

    However, it's still in boot loop. I've tried leaving it for a few minutes but it's still the same. Oh also if I try the recovery mode RCK or wipe data again (without the SD card) it'll just end up with the ! android logo again.

    Maybe I'm just stup1d or something but did I miss a step or made a mistake in the update or is there a bigger problem on the tablet beyond just updating the firmware?

    Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

    On a side note, the link in the 2nd post does not work anymore, I found my firmware update here:
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    Jeez - you really picked a lousy user name! Your self confidence must be quite healthy!
    Welcome to the forum.

    You seem to have done everything correctly, no stupid mistakes I can see...
    And what you describe about the update process is all normal, except for the bootloop naturally.
    I think your data partition got corrupted and needs to be formatted to make it usable again.
    Unfortunately you have exhausted the few options a locked bootloader affords you. If that tablet was unlocked we could almost certainly save it, but with a locked bootloader there is not much you can do.
    But wth, you have nothing to lose, so just try it. If you're lucky the locked bootloader allows you to access the /data partition, but I doubt it.

    Go to the Beginners Guide linked in my signature and read the section for installing a custom recovery to learn how to get fastboot set up on your PC. The Guide is for the TF700 but the instructions for setting up fastboot are identical for the TF300.
    You know you have it working if you get a positive return to the "fastboot devices" command.

    Then run these commands one after the other, letting each one finish:
    fastboot -w
    fastboot format userdata
    fastboot reboot
    Your cmd window should look something like this:

    @area51:~ > fastboot -w
    erasing 'userdata'...
    OKAY [ 23.188s]
    formatting 'userdata' partition...
    Creating filesystem with parameters:
        Size: 29618601984
        Block size: 4096
        Blocks per group: 32768
        Inodes per group: 8192
        Inode size: 256
        Journal blocks: 32768
        Blocks: 7231104
        Block groups: 221
        Reserved block group size: 1024
    Created filesystem with 11/1810432 inodes and 157662/7231104 blocks
    sending 'userdata' (139133 KB)...
    writing 'userdata'...
    OKAY [ 26.358s]
    Other than that there's nothing left to do. Sorry.
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    Hey! First time poster here - but to the original guide poster (Tylerw1) - it would be good to add that some of us are having luck with renaming the file with 1024 instead of 768 to the guide. That did the trick for me (on the Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 or whatever they call it, aka ME301T, aka K001). Having this info up front instead of buried on page 15 would be super handy for others in the future, possibly.
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    Tyler has moved on long ago, but I'll bite
    Have you done this yourself? Can you source it, meaning where did you find that information?

    Added to OP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tylorw1 View Post
    Update December 2015
    @Tylorw1, the original OP, is not active in this forum anymore. I took the liberty to update and adjust this still valuable post a little bit. I take just as much responsibility for the method below as the OP: NONE
    Yours truly,

    This is an alternative install method of the official Asus firmware if you cannot update via OTA for whatever reason. This also works for flashing the firmware if your tablet does not boot anymore or is in a bootloop.

    You can downgrade (going back to an earlier firmware version) with this method, but be careful: Research the limitations for your particular tablet. For example, you cannot downgrade from JB to ICS.

    It is STRONGLY advised you backup all apps and data before performing this procedure. It should not wipe your data, but there is always a chance something may go wrong. Better safe than sorry

    • Asus Transformer tablet TF101, TF201, TF300T, TF700T, TF701T (also Asus Memo Pad 10)
    • A fully charged battery (if you're unsure because you cannot boot the device, plug it into Power when the procedure allows it)
    • A copy of the Asus firmware from heresee post #2)
    • Everything you care about is backed up

    There are two ways to flash the official Asus firmware:

    Method A: Flash from your internal SD

    1. Download the latest version of Android for your tablet. Make sure you download the correct SKU version.
    To find your SKU go into settings, About tablet, and look for your Build Number, There are two letters (such as US,WW, TW, etc.) that is your SKU. When downloading the zip from ASUS', you must download the correct SKU zip.
    2. The downloaded file is a zip within a zip.
    You download
    Unzip it and you get: (which I will call
    3. Copy to the root of your internal SD. "Root" means: Not into any folder. Put it alongside the DCIM, Pictures, Movies etc folders
    4. A pop-up should show up in the notification window telling you there is an update and if you would like to perform the update.
    5. If the pop-up does not show up, try rebooting your device. If it still does not show up, try performing a cold boot. If you still have no luck go to Method B).
    6. Let the update finish, it will automatically reboot the tablet.

    How to perform a cold boot: Various quick fixes links and help.

    Method B: Flash from a microSD (has to be formatted FAT32 or it will not work)

    1. Download the latest version of Android for your tablet. Make sure you download the correct SKU version.
    To find the SKU, go into settings, About tablet, and look for your Build Number, There are two letters (such as US,WW, TW, etc.) that is your SKU. When downloading the zip from ASUS', you must download the correct SKU zip.
    2. Decompress the downloaded .zip file ONCE resulting in
    3. Rename the to:

    A: For the TF101:
    B: For the TF201:
    C: For the TF700T, TF300T:
    D: For the TF701T:
    E: For the MemoPad 10 or ME301T: - thanks @djbillis

    4. Make sure known file extensions are not hidden in Windows explorer. A common mistake is to rename the file to e.g.
    If you see only "xx_epad-user-version" in Windows Explorer without the extension, rename the file to e.g. "EP201_768_SDUPDATE"
    5. Copy the file to the root of your MicroSD (see above)
    6. Insert the MicroSD into the tablet
    7. Shutdown (power off) the tablet
    8. Power it on by pressing and holding VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons simultaneously
    9. Let go when you see white text in the top left corner of the screen. You are now in the bootloader menu where you will see 3 icons (4 icons if you are on a ICS bootloader): RCK, Android, Wipe Data (+ USB icon if still on ICS). RCK (your stock recovery) should be flashing. Press VOLUME UP to boot recovery

    10. The recovery should recognize the update file on your microSD and automatically flash it.
    11. Let the update finish. If it happens to run for more than 45 minutes, force shut down the tablet and see if it boots. If it does not, try rerunning steps 7-9.

    TF201 Users: It is very likely the same procedure as for the TF300 and TF700. But we need confirmation for the microSD card method.

    Rooted only, no custom recovery:
    You can use these methods as long as you did not uninstall any system apps or bloatware. The updater script checks for the presence of all original software. If anything is missing or frozen the update will fail.
    You will loose root in this process. OTA rootkeeper may or may not work

    Users with custom ROM and custom recovery
    TF700T, TF300T: You can flash the in TWRP or CWM to return to fully stock. You will loose your custom recovery.
    TF701: Asus firmware can only be flashed in stock recovery. Flash a stock recovery from Droidbasement, then flash the


    Credit to those who posted the data originally in other threads and especially Janner43 for helping me.
    Hello, I'm new here and I am trying to fix an android problem on my AIO P1801 Transformer. I know I'm not in the right section of the forum but the info on this post is the closest to what I've seen as a solution to my problem and a problem that others have with the same transformer nut got no answer. So, problem fisrt : My P1801 tablet side is not booting anymore. I don't have signature mismatch, everything seems ok on that side when I boot in recovery. I tried "wipe data", I tried to boot in "RCK" and in "Android" but I get the same result, dead bot lying on it's back.

    I have managed to find the Asus firmware for my tablet nd the source code from the asus support site. Now, for the questions :
    1- Can this method work for my P1801 ?
    2- If so, how can I find the way to rename the unzipped file to do the update with a microsd card ?

    Keep in mind that I don't have access to the tablet side from my PC since the tablet is not booting up.

    Thanks to whomever can answer and help me out with this.


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