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Thread: [FAQ] The definitive thread to battery related matters on the Asus range of tablets

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    Wow... you must REALLY use your gear... I have an original TF101... its like... ancient. It's been with me on several business trips even abroad... many charging cycles. I use the Charger to charge the phones around the house. Never had to replace either the cable or the charger.
    Chargers seem to hold up. I have three of them, all very old by now. All working fine. The cables though - they'll fail. All my original Asus cables broke over the years. Some apparently for no particular reason. Others will have experienced some bending. Some cables broke because the pins in the plug (on the tablet side) got bent a bit, which must have been because of some movement during charging (or possibly insertion of cable). Some of the third-party cables I bought clearly had lower quality plugs than others, so when I found some better 3party cables without that problem I migrated to those. Longer cables help a lot too - you can use the tablet while charging, without risking sudden strain on the plug.
    And yes, I use my tablet a lot. All of the time, in fact. It's always with me. Always. My old TF201 was the same, before I changed to the TF700. And it shows, mechanically.

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    Successful battery replacement saga TF700
    Dock battery was dropping to a chargeable level of only 20% and tablet seemed to have a shorter life as well, so I ordered batteries on eBay and went to work on the tablet first. Using all the hints and videos I could absorb, I opened the case and dove in. (Actually, it was difficult to open because those two little sliders in the dock latches wouldn't move and I later found they had some friction tape placed in the slide mechanisms to keep it from moving readily.) I removed the old battery and installed the new one and placed the tablet back on the dock to let it charge overnight, but in the morning the charge light on the tablet was still orange. When I removed it from the dock, it vibrated and flashed a brief ASUS logo, and stopped. I connected the charger directly for another half a day with no sign of charging or ability to boot. Then tried the 30-second hold-down-the-switch routine-->nothing--tried hard reset-->nothing--plugged a slow trickle charge with a USB from my PC for a full day-->still nothing. Using a digital volt meter I checked for any sign of voltage and found none between any of the contacts on the battery connector, but checking the old battery showed a varying voltage between the blue and green wire.

    At this point, I assumed I had a bad battery, but just to add one more check I reconnected the old battery and the tablet booted right away. So this leaves me with trying to exchange the battery and even then, how will I know if they aren't all old and have been sitting on a shelf since the Infinity's were first marketed?

    Onward now; when I started trying to use it, the touchscreen was very erratic and eventually quit functioning. More searching on this site didn't provide any relevant tips, but I opened it up again to check the screen ribbons. One of them had the white insertion guideline showing the slightest angle and was probably not making good contact. Reinserting it (they don't just slip into that little crack easily either) left me with the touchscreen working completely normal. FWIW, after going in and out of the case several times in a few days, it really only takes about 10 minutes!

    I was now able to do a hard reset with TeamWin recovery, which was not possible before the touchscreen problem was resolved. (Don't quite understand that.) While I was in the recovery mode I did a Wipe, but when I proceeded to reboot the Setup Wizard keeps stopping. Now what?! SOLVED that, too. I remembered from ROM flashing instructions somewhere that you have to manually link to the internet. Up and running now!

    TF700 w/ dock; Android 7.1.2
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    Hello, can someone help me resolve this problem? On my OEM charger there are two values: 15V 1.2A and 5V 2A. The first value applies to the wall outlet. Regarding the second value, will the tablet be charged if I connect it with only the original USB cable without a charger, to a USB port that has a 5V output voltage and an output current of 2A? I ask because connecting the tablet in this way to a normal USB port (5V 500mA) in the computer does not make the battery charge (the led in the tablet does not light up after connect) and I wonder if it loads only at 15V 1.2A, but then why would the second option be provided on the charger?


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