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    Review of Traffic Rider on Android phone

    Have a passion for speed and challenges? Want to experience the feeling of being a professional racer? Download Traffic Rider right now to immerse yourself into this exciting racing game.

    Game Description

    Traffic Rider is a high-speed racing game. You will be amazed at the interplay between the game and the player with realistic immersion. Especially, you will have the opportunity to experience most of the famous super sports motorbikes in the game.
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    Traffic Rider was developed by Sonar Kara. With plenty of easy-to-reach levels, a wide variety of vehicles and opponents to choose, Traffic Rider is one of the best choices for gamers who are fond of speed.

    Motor Garage in Traffic Rider

    Traffic Rider offers players up to 20 vehicles, and you will start from the most "scrambled scooter". Players will have to race to accumulate enough money to get better vehicles.

    Some super vehicles such as ARTIL TP4, YNH S1, and DCT 89 10H can be driven at up 272 km/h, which bring players an extremely exciting feeling.

    The super motorbikes are quite costly, which requires you to be a skillful player to accumulate enough money to buy. Besides being able to choose your super motorcycle, you can also choose a racing location to experience from various ones that Traffic Rider offers.


    The maps in Traffic Rider will display the milestones that players are supposed to pass. You must win the required path before unlocking another race.

    Especially, when visibility is limited at night, you will face countless dangers when traveling on the road. Of course, riding slowly is not an option, yet riding fast may cause you an unexpected accident.

    In the case of traffic jams and lack of space on the road to pass, you should slow down the vehicle by releasing the right hand to adjust the speed.

    Running at a slower speed when you are close to other vehicles or a strong collision will delay your race for a moment, which may lead you to lose the match. There are up to 40 tasks for you to complete in Traffic Rider.

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    Graphic quality

    When it comes to graphic design, Traffic Rider will not disappoint players. Everything, from the landscape to the traffic on the road, from the weather to the accidents, is really authentic.

    With Traffic Rider, you will have the chance to experience an attractive and comfortable graphic display. Many other games usually have many types of annoying advertisements which seem to bother the players.

    However, in Traffic Rider, ads only appear at the end of the race before returning to the home page (only occupy a small area above the screen). After that, the ads will disappear itself.

    This makes the game not as frizzy and bothering as other free games (fully appear on screen, which requires users to manually turn off, otherwise it will advertise until the end of ads’ time).

    The sound of the game

    In addition, the sound of the supercars in the game are very realistic. According to the game developer, they have recorded the engine sound to be included in this game.

    Racing in Traffic Rider will let you experience the most realistic feelings of riding super motorbikes at the highest possible speed, and of course, avoid the other vehicles on the road.

    If the speed is too fast, the impact on other vehicles will have the effect of cracking glass as real life’s sound. Sometimes you have to slow down!

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    In conclusion

    Traffic Rider is an addictive racing game, which currently has nearly 2 million 5-star ratings on CH Play. So what is your excuse not to try it out? Visit our store, download now and have fun!
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