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    TF700T Locking up/Freezing Only While Using WiFi

    I have a transformer TF700T that is pretty much unusable on the internet. Originally, I thought it was locking up with all apps and so I went through the process of rooting and flashing a custom ROM (Cromi-X). After the new ROM, everything seemed to be working fine until I got onto the internet or anything that requires a connection (Google Play, etc..).
    I realized that the new ROM and rooting did nothing for me. The problem all along was internet connection related.
    I don't mind that I rooted and installed a new ROM, I'm exited about all it will allow me to do.
    The problem is: When I am using the internet i get an error that say "App is not responding (with the name of the app listed in the error). It also says do you want to wait, OK or report". It usually requires a restart or back to the home screen.
    During the Root/ROM flash process I wanted to start with a clean slate so I wiped all the data so It's not the apps causing the issue. It's not my internet connection because I have 4 other devices in the home using that same wireless connection with no issues at all.
    I really like my Transformer tablet and don't want to give up on it. I'm determined to resolve this but I'm out of ideas. Has anyone had to resolve an issue like this or have any ideas of some troubleshooting methods I can use to fix this issue. I would really appreciate any and all advice I receive.

    Mark H.
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    Just saw the WiFi sticky tips. I will be going through that to find some answers.
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    Looking at the Wifi sticky. It mentions specifically the T100. Do these notes apply to other Transformers as well. (Tf700T)?
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    Unfortunately it sounds like a hardware issue. My TF700 always had a rock solid wifi which never gave me any problems anywhere. I was on stock Android and had tons of various apps etc.
    (I finally gave up on my TF700 after years of use after the mic stopped working after one too many drop to the floor. My new Huawei tablet's wifi is fine, but the TF700 connected much faster - immediately - when I moved (drove or walked) to another network).
    The Windows-based transformers, on the other hand, seem to have all kinds of driver-related wifi problems.



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