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Thread: Need a new tablet. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gtanner00 View Post
    I have a comment that applies regardless of the operating system platform you choose.

    Always take into account the pixel density (a by-product of display resolution in the context of display size) of the devices you are considering. If possible, load up a wikipedia page on two devices (say the nexus 9 and the Samsung tab 4) and read both of them at different sizes. The higher density screen makes a huge difference in the clarity of the text so that it can be read at a smaller size just as easily. This is especially true if you are used to reading off 15" laptops with 720p displays. The switch to the nexus 9 at 2048 x 1536 is huge. As a comparison, the tab 4 10.1 is 1280 x 800.
    More food for thought¡ Thanks¡

    You guys, and this forum in general are/is a great resource.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelMartin View Post
    More food for thought¡ Thanks¡

    You guys, and this forum in general are/is a great resource.

    I still have the original nexus 7 tablet and it has continued to be updated throughout this time. Also it being a "pure" android device geared towards developers & development, there is always a ton of development giving you the option of updating to something newer without having to wait for Google updates. This is possible because source is released first and there is no waiting for the manufacturer to add/remove their own source or do any testing, so while updates happen pretty immediately, you can often flash a newer android os before it's release.

    I've always loved the nexus line. It's about the purest android experience you can get and the specs on the nexus devices hold up really well over the years. I'd get a nexus 9 in a heartbeat. Not saying I don't love the other android tablets (and I do love samsung devices)... but to receive frequent/instant updates AND match your specs, I'd go with nexus, but that's just me and my experience. I also repair phones, tablets, & computers in my free time for fun.

    I'll list out the devices I've owned:

    Nexus 7 (I've owned 2 of these)
    Asus transformer pad t300f
    Asus transformer t100ta
    Samsung Galaxy tab 3
    Ipad mini
    Lenovo idea tab
    Acer iconia tab (it's the b1 version I got for my son, it's terrible)
    Asus memo pad (belongs to my other son, also terrible but both get the job done lol)

    * Of those, I still own the nexus 7, ipad mini, acer, & memo pad. I sold the t100ta at a deep discount to a single mom going to college, as I know what she's going through. Otherwise I would have probably kept it. The others got outdated quickly with a lack of manufacturer updates and source not being released... developers can only do so much without source.

    So in this case, really think about what meets your requirements & how long you plan to own the device, how often/quickly you'd like to see it get updates. I've been very happy with most of my Asus products (my primary laptop is an Asus, but I've got computers from every manufacturer upstairs right now, ugh)... but when it comes to android tablets, in my mind, the nexus line will deliver the latest and last the longest.

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    When I first started using Android I lamented the fact that I couldn't get Windows or its functionality in a tablet form. Now that I've worked with them for awhile I felt no urge to go back to Windows as far as my tablet goes, at least not until the app situation gets better. For quick and easy on the go I love Android, but I despair more and more as I see no hints/rumors/announcements of any new high grade Transformer models on the horizon, when the rumor mill used to be constant. I absolutely love the Transformer form factor, having the keyboard (I use the tablet both with and without often) and especially having the built in battery in the keyboard, along with the connectivity. wireless solutions are resolving some of the connectivity (via wire) issues but I still like the versatility that the high quality device provides, and I'm struggling thinking what my next tablet will be. None of the new prospects look as appealing as the TF701 that I have now. The new models seems mostly to be a step backwards if anything. Now if Samsung were to provide a native keyboard (not a bluetooth keyboard) then that might do the trick.


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