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    Angry Greenhorn looking to delete email trash fom Jelly bean4.1.1

    Hi I have joined this forum along with any other Android Forum I can find, to find the answer - I have an Atab 10 not that that seems to make any difference because multiple users of multiple devices seem to have the same problem

    How does one delete emails in Jelly Bean? (POP based - coming off my ISP mail system) all I seem to do is when I delete any email in Trash, it simply says its deleted, but leaves it in the trash box - any one any suggestions how to prevent this noting it hasn't deleted on the 30 day mark,as claimed in other locations (can this 30 day period be changed?) I have Aug 7 emails still present on September 8th - and in any case when I delete I want to delete not leave on the system.

    Help with this would be much appreciated from someone much happier using at 1400 baud MS dos 3.1!

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    Welcome to the forum

    What you are seeing is SOP for the stock mail app. You can delete the trash but on;y one at a time. There are apps, like Kaiten Mail that has a select all function for deleting all the trash as dopes the current G-Mail app.



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