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    Programs not installing to SD card, is this normal?

    I'm a Tablet noob, but have used my Samsumg I500 Galaxyt S for almost 2 years not and have a 32GB MicroSD card on it. It seems like with most if not all apps on my phone, they install or save to the MicroSD.

    Now I'm installing basically the same apps on my Tablet and they all sem to want to install to the on board 32GB rom, not the external 32GB Micro SD.

    Is there a switch, setting or something that I am missing? For example, even the camera on my phone saves to the CD card. I also have System Panel, wich backs up my apps to the CD card on the phone. On the Tablet, they both are on the main on board memory.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

    Thank you

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    On most newer devices (Newer than GB) the internal memory is much larger to store apps on. On your Samsung phone, the SD card mounted to the /sdcard/ (or /mnt/sdcard/) directory. On your tablet, the internal memory is mounted there. It actually makes much more sense to install apps to the internal memory (do you install Firefox, or any games on a USB hard drive on your PC?)

    IMO, the internal storage (even at 16 GB) is more than enough for apps, unless you are a hardcore gamer and install a bunch of 2-4 GB games.

    I keep movies on the external, music on the (google music) cloud and docs/apps on the internal.

    As far as using a camera to save to the SD card, there are some camera apps (cannot remember the name off the top of my head) that allow you to save to the SD card and not the internal memory.

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