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    Just to make iOS 6 maps look even worse

    Google has taken its Street View tool to a lot of off-the-beaten-track locations, from the Amazon to Antarctica, but none is as crazy as the search giant's latest effort to bring us all below sea level.
    Google Maps Gets Beautiful Underwater 'Street' View

    Bet the apple users will be fuming if this is added to maps/streetview on android. Pointless, but pretty cool, saves me getting in a wetsuit and freezing me nuts off

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    But Wozza, iOS 6 maps has an apple logo on it, so surely it must be the bestest best map system ever! Who cares about turn by turn navigation or accurate street addresses? All one needs to navigate around is to fly over buildings in major cities. Just the other day, I was lost trying to get to a client's office, so I took out my iphone 5 and did a fly over of New York City and BINGO I was able to navigate successfully to my client's office in Chicago.
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    To be fair, I think the 3D flyover concept is a really cool application of computer imaging research (all these cool new features are usually invented first by researchers at major universities and/or startup companies as proof of concepts; big companies just hire/buy them to put it into production quality). If Google had released this, we would all be praising it. iOS Maps just seems really buggy and should have been given as a beta version app, and not replaced the previous stable program (much like how Chrome on Android is beta, while stock browser is still default on ICS/JB).
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