So, after going back and forth (many, many times) on whether to buy the T100TAM or T200TA, I've now been pointed to the Acer Aspire Switch 11 Core i3 by the guy at my local Microsoft store. Granted, they don't sell the T200, so perhaps he wanted to actually sell me something, but its made me do some more research and I've reached a crossroads.

I can get the Aspire Switch 11 Core i3 for $499 and the T200TA for $459 (unless someone can point me in the direction of somewhere less expensive).

I like that that the Aspire is 128GB vs. 64 GB., however, I like that the T200 has the option to expand the dock with a 2.5" HDD.

The Z3795 and Core i3 4012Y seem to be pretty close in performance and I wonder with using office, email and browsing (I don't play games) if I'd ever notice a difference.

Any feedback; good, bad or indifferent; would be appreciated.