I came here for great advice when I bought the TF101 a few weeks ago and returned it to buy the TF201. Unfortunately, Amazon (where I have a huge credit ) has since raised the price of the TF201 to $699.
Looks like I'm not gonna be able to buy that one, on Amazon anyway.

Then I saw the Slider. It's more expensive but it already has a keyboard. This is to basically take the place of my laptop which works but it decides when it wants to work. I can use it for things like Adobe Photshop but need the tablet as my Android phone is too small to type on and the screen is hard to see small items.

I'm having trouble finding the biggest difference between the Slider and Prime such as processor speed and storage space (aside from 32 gb I would buy).

I don't care if the device is a bit bulky and not super slim like some tablets but if im gonna spend the money, I may as well get something that's going to work great and last a long time.

What are your thoughts??

Oh, I don't want to go with a notebook because I can't handle all the crap you have to by for a PC, gonna stick with Android.

Thanks so much!!