On my VivoTab Smart (bought Feb. 2013 from BestBuy and updated since to Win. 8.1) in both ASUS CAMERA and MSoft CAMERA applications the FLASH does NOT work. When I click on the either Camera Button the Camera screen is activated, but there is NO button for the Flash choices. There are only buttons for the Timer, Resolution and More options (with no flash option) in Asus, as well as for Change camera, Camera roll, Timer and Exposure in MSoft application.

The Camera (and other functions of the Tablet) work O.K. but it is useless in dark environment, which I need frequently. The ASUS Manual (Online) states that this is the case if the Flash application is absent, but the short Manual, which came with the tablet, states that the Flash should function and the button for the Flash options shout be present.

Please advise on this problem and any additional information you may need to this end.

Many thanks for attention 04.04.15