First of all, this has been a great device for the last couple of years. I'm a student, so being able to take 'Office' with me anywhere has been a fruitful experience. I was delighted to notice how much my productivity increased with this little fellow.

What happened?

Around last year, got a prompt that Windows 8.1 was available for free on MS Store. Yay! Without a second thought, upgraded my tablet. For a while, it behaved exactly the same, with the plus that the newer interface was more intuitive. Yet, suddenly the Wi-Fi reception became erratic, displaying a yellow triangle with a small black exclamation mark next to the wireless icon.

Because it wasn't a problem back then (been using mostly Office with little to no web browsing), didn't care the slightest. However, as my internet needs grew (mostly OneDrive and Outlook), found the wireless issue really annoying. I decided to reset the tablet to factory settings, which to my surprise brought it back to 8.1, not 8! Anyway, the issue rescinded for a while, but after a couple of updates it came back.

I looked everywhere for an answer and people are suggesting downgrading it back to 8. A quick search took me to Microsoft's website, where apparently you can download the recovery partition of your product, but this only applies to the Surface family. I've been looking for something similar here to no avail.

Please, could tell me how to revert my VivoTab RT TF600T back to 8?

Thanks in advance.