My vivotab rt seems to be accumulating problems lately. It worked really well for the first 4 months or so but it seems to be going down hill since.

1. The swipe gestures don't seem to be working very well and I keep getting the so called "phantom touch" problem where it just clicks in the middle of the screen on its own. This started today.

2. I can't play flash videos without the tablet freezing and needing a reset. For example, if I try to watch a youtube video, I will get maybe 20 seconds in and the entire system will freeze, I will get a loud buzzing (probably from the audio getting stuck) and I will have to reset the tablet by holding down the power button

3. Often the keyboard dock will take several attempts at connecting and disconnecting until it will work. I will get the vibrate and the sound that it connects but the mouse won't work and the keyboard won't type. Usually I need to remove the dock and reconnect it 3-4 times before it will finally work.

4. Often the dock will be stuck on the fn setting. So if I try to type a "u" I will get a "4" instead. I will have to hold down fn and insert before it will work properly. So u being 4, j being 1, L being 3 seems to be the default setting for the dock.

I am really starting to regret buying this thing. It just seems to be falling apart more everyday. Is there any way to fix any of these problems?