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    Question VivoTab - Screen stays dark


    first I have to say sorry for my bad english.
    I bought my VivoTab with Windows 8 just a few days ago.
    Yesterday as I wanted to turn it on, the screen was staying dark. The Background-Lightning ist still working when on. And it makes the typical noise, when I turn it on or push the Reset-Button or press on the Windows-Symbol. But there appears no grafic.
    Maybe someone knows help?

    Thanx from Germany

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    To be honest, since you've only had it a few days I would immediately return it to the place you bought it from for a warranty exchange - I never waste time trying to revive something that's failed in the first few days of ownership.

    There might be something that you can do to get it working again, but if the problem is due to hardware it's only going to keep on happening and the sooner it's replaced the better.



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