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Thread: Vivo Tab 810c some thoughts

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    Vivo Tab 810c some thoughts

    Here are a few more thoughts on the Vivo Tab 810c.

    The desktop isn't always the most stable, I have to reboot the system at least four times a week due to freezing. However when in Metro mode it's rock solid unfortunately the apps are far and few hence the whole reason I bought the Atom version and not ARM. I noticed that Windows 8 has an update pretty much every other day so this annoyance might be rectified soon.

    If you want the perfect Windows 8 experience with the desktop you need to baby it a little as it's very easy to stall it, this of course is the curse of the Atom and only happens when in desktop mode, Metro is very quick. Just make sure to close any programs your not using and be careful of programs that also install services. Torrents that have a fast download will also render the system helpless so I either recommend you do those at night or choke the network with a cap. Windows Media Player is also a big no no, for some reason it can't handle simple things like playing MP3's from a Mini SD card without slowing down Windows to the point of annoying, use Winamp instead. Movies are also the same, don't use the built in media player, it sucks and is very slow, use VLC and all will be right in the world, it can even handle 1080P. Install Chrome, in fact that should be the very first thing you download and install, IE although much better then it's previous version is still IE.

    Any complaining aside, I'm really enjoying the computer. It took some time to get used to it's temperaments and quirks but now I have the system and my programs running along smoothly. If you have to use any Adobe products, I would recommend stopping as many programs and services as possible. Also if you have a more powerful desktop try installing Maxwell Render along with the Photoshop plugin for distributed rendering. You will speed of Photoshop by a factor of 10.

    Remember this machine is an Atom with 2GB of memory, when treated like a tablet you will be very happy with your purchase, if you have any dreams of replacing your i7 laptop or desktop with it you will be very disappointed. If you find that your iPad is to restrictive in that it 's missing simple luxuries like a filemanger, SD Card reader, Flash, Divx support and other necessities that Apple feels you don't need then this little guy is a must buy. However for some of you who can live without the extra battery in the keyboard might be better served with the the ASUS VivoTab Smart, 11.6" might be a little to large for some and a lot more money when compared to it's big brother.
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    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts--hopefully that'll give others doing some research a good idea of how things are progressing. Nice, Cheers.



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