I've posted previously with the same problem plus the ghost touches. The dock removal issue got a lot better after the screen was replaced and the ghost touches disappeared. However, two months ago some other touchscreen issue appeared and I went back to our local support center (Thailand). They checked it and said they would replace the mainboard and something else which I didn't understand. It took about 4 weeks, two of which they were apparently waiting for some parts to be sent from Taiwan.
Anyway, i got it back three weeks ago and now the dock removal issue is completely gone (although out of fear of crashes I'm not used to removing it much anymore). This tablet had always also had some slight creaking noise on the top left of the screen edge, which now is fixed and solid. I assume there really was some faulty mainboard issue and Asus knew about it right-away, suggesting replacing those parts.
Can't complain about the support over here, but of course the quality of that device is highly questionable and i wouldn't bet on it lasting without problems for the next 6 months. By then of course the warranty will be expired and ASUS refuses to sell warranty extensions. One wonders why...;-)