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Did you get this to work.

I just purchased a Vivo for my Realtor wife. (It's a Christmas present. I haven't opened it.)
And accessing MLS will be a requirment.

I CAN say that the "compatability mode" of IE 10, works perfectly for viewing MLS on my desktop pc.

I'm interested in your experiences with this tablet.

Ray in Wisconsin
May be issues with the inability to run plug-ins, etc with Windows RT, but "connectMLS" (from DynaConnections Corporation) may be a alternate option... they state it works with MS Surface (which is presently Windows RT with a similar Tegra 3 based system as the Vivo Tab RT)...

connectMLS continues its unmatched compatibility on Windows 8 | dynaConnections Corporation

While this link may also be useful if you need to white list Flash for a given site that hasn't yet been officially added by MS

Microsoft Surface