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    Keyboard Dock Does Not Seem to be Charging the Tablet Asus Vivo Tab TF600

    Just got my tablet a week ago. With moderate use, and tablet docked, the battery life isn't wonderful. It lasts about 6 - 7 hours and then I get a warning that battery is low. Why isn't the keyboard dock jumping in at that point and charging the tablet back up? How would I know if that is working? All I have is one gage showing on the tablet and nothing to indicate the battery for the keyboard dock. Should I be letting the gage fall to zero and expecting the keyboard battery to kick in? Not a techie. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks. Love my transformer but was looking forward to the extended battery life.

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    The keyboard has its own power plug. You have to charge the keyboard separately using the same USB cord that came with the Vivotab RT.



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