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Thread: Video Catalyst (aka DVD Catalyst) Guide Collection (DVD, Video, Bluray)

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    Okay, for anyone else dealing with this problem, I found this thread at XDA. The first response has two solutions:
    HDMI-out video playing : how to get subtitles displayed ? - xda-developers

    (1) The first solution involves using the free software "Handbrake" to hardcode the subtitle into the video. I think most of us would prefer not having to do this, as it precludes the ability to turn the subtitles on and off at will, but it's probably a surefire solution if you know you absolutely want the subtitles. I haven't tried it yet, so I'm not sure if it allows y-axis modification of the subtitles on the screen; ergo, it might have the same roadblock as the DVD Catalyst's native hardcoding where the subtitles get cropped and are unreadable.

    (2) The second solution involves using MKV tools to package the SRT into an MKV with the mp4. Preferable. I can't think of any problems with re-packaging this newly optimized mp4 into a new MKV with the SRT softcoded; unfortunately, I don't think the subtitles with show. I don't remember testing an MKV on an HDMI-out TV that had internal subtitles, but this offered solution doesn't address the problem as I understand it. The problem is that for the Transformer to handle these high bitrates it requires the video file to be optimized with DVD Catalyst so that it can run the video smoothly with hardware acceleration; ergo, softcoded internal subtitles in an MKV-- even one containing an optimized mp4 as its video-- won't show the subtitles on the HDMI screen because it isn't part of the hardware overlay. Yikes. This problem sucks. Hope Handbrake works out.
    Edit Update: Well, Handbrake can't hardcode SRT files. They are "pass-through" only (whatever that means). I guess they have to be SUB/IDX. *Sigh*

    But you know, Catalyst, now that I've explored this problem and can't even find a solution at XDA, I'm thinking that if you could somehow enable your MovieGallery software to run the video of a file with hardware acceleration while simultaneously enabling it to run a software overlay of'd have a media player with a distinct advantage over all the others on the Android market, and furthermore the only effective solution to the problem involving any approach.
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    "A heaping pile of camel dung compared to DVD Catalyst!"

    Heck of an endorsement!

    Ya sold me!
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