My Asus TF103 was working fine until after one "android unfortunately stopped " error occurred so i decided to restart but failed to complete reboot.
it just stucks asus boot logo.
i rebooted to Droidboot then recovery when i saw bunch of "cant mount error "

1. i factory reset
2. factory & wipe cache
none was able to boot the device

So i tried to update and flash my device following many guides on this forum and other site but couldn't get it to flash nor update.
Then i found a firmware which i will be able flash with computer. There was slight changes in the firmware version than mine

my original firmware before brick === UL-K010-WW-
the one i found on the internet === WW-TF103C-

After flashing (i used 'update' command function to be precise ) the tablet still hungs at asus boot logo but the WORST part is i cannot to
1. Droidboot
2. Recovery
3. Fastboot

i flash wrong firmware i supposed , and now i brick my tf103

Please kindly help me recover it