TL;DR: I'm on my second TF103C and the second one seems to have a bunch of ASUS UI customizations & redundant bundled apps, while the first one seemed to be mostly stock-Android - which I prefer, but I can't figure out how to get that on the new one.

In more detail: last fall, I bought a TF103C that a local store was selling for relatively cheap (to replace an even more ancient Motorola Xoom). It was great for a few months, then the touchscreen gradually stopped working (AKA it would stop working intermittently, then stopped responding to touch altogether within a week or so), though the keyboard dock & touchpad still worked, so it was at least usable that way. Then a couple weeks after that, it stopped charging & I wasn't able to power it back on for over a year (until recently, see below). And of course, by then, it was past the point where I could return or exchange it.

Apparently I have a masochistic streak, because I foolishly decided to buy another TF103C - this one used, off eBay. So far the replacement hasn't had any hardware issues, but the original seemed to have a mostly-stock version of Android - while the new one seems to have some kind of custom skin & is loaded with Asus crapware. The replacement seems substantially more prone to randomly becoming sluggish/unresponsive, where E.g. it will take 5-10 seconds to just to go to the home screen after pressing the button/key. The skin customizations also remove useful features like showing the battery level as a number AND an icon, instead of just an icon (as it does with the ASUS-customized skin). And there's just the general derpiness of the included ASUS apps, E.g. the Asus clock app that tells me there's an update available every time I run it, but if I follow the prompt to install it, then it tells me that the new version isn't compatible with my device...

So today, I tried to resurrect the old TF103C by swapping in the battery from the new/working one - and to my surprise it powered on, but I had a PIN setup & I can't get past that screen because the touchscreen is still dead & it doesn't seem to work with the keyboard dock either.

The other possible solutions that occur to me are (in order of what I expect is least to most difficult, but I could be wrong):

  1. Remove or disable the ASUS customizations on the new/working tablet - which I've tried, but all of the "remove ZenUI" guides I found were specific to phones, and the steps from those guides that I was able to carry out on the TF103C didn't seem to make any difference (the customized skin is still there, and the sluggishness/freezes still occur).
  2. Or remove the internal storage from the old TF103C, and install it in the new one - except I can't figure where the internal from looking at it, and I couldn't find any info on that in the iFixit guide or other sources.
  3. Or replace the OS on the working tablet with a custom ROM that's closer to stock Android. Though it was a major hassle even just getting the official first-party updates installed, and I assume that installing a third-party ROM would be as much of a hassle, if not even more so (if it's even possible - I've read several posts stating that third-party ROM development for the 103C is a non-starter because it uses Intel hardware).

And I guess there's also the option of trying to swap the screen from the new one to the old one (or, depending on how you look at it, swap the guts from the old one into the new one) - but I'd probably attempt that only as a last resort. Partly because the process seems fairly involved (going by the iFixit guide at least), and partly because I'm not certain the full extent of the old 103C's hardware issues - given that it has least 3 components that have failed that I know of, I wouldn't be surprised if there's more hardware issues.

Any suggestions/pointers in the right direction for any of the solutions I mentioned (or any solutions that I haven't thought of)? Or is it a lost cause?