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    asus k010 tablet help request- stuck on logo screen etc

    greetings everyone,
    first of all i am going to go though the whole forum in the mean time, but i wanted to get everyone elses help if any,

    any way the problems i have i have got is the following
    my asus k010
    battery charge with tablet off mode. when i plug in the power cable ( i have even brought new cables and chargers) and the screen comes on the battery changeing screen and freezes no battery flashing to say its changing.

    when i tried turning the tablet on , at one point it comes on and stuck and freezes at the logo screen.
    most of the time i try and turn the tablet on it shows the low battery screen but a screen shot screen if you know what i mean.

    i have ordered a new battery to see if its the battery so we will see.

    before all this happened it was fine, then the tablet went off one day and thats when the above started

    i have even done a factory reset when i had the it working as it was starting to mess up, but now that doesnt seem to work,,

    other things i have tried is volume buttons either one, and power key option, either nothing happens or the the low battery screen shot screen u could say comes up and then goes off..
    i have left it on charge all day when i been at home, i am now doing the same today. to see what happens. so we will see. i am at a point were i am at a lose , apart from buying a new tablet.

    if anyone can help , thanks in advanced

    in the mean while i will read in the forums see if anyone has had the same similar issues and see if any of the tips and advise can help even if its a a different tablet type, some of the them i can adapt to mine and see if it will work...

    last known android version of the tablet is 4.4.2 i think

    edit: 24th November 2017
    a update a few times of leaving the tablet on charge, and with the new battery. its still freezing on either the charging screen or the boot logo screen.

    thanks again in advanced
    kind regards
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