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    Yet Another battery problem, Where's the Asus Power Management app?

    As some of you already know, I own a few different Asus tablets.

    Most recently I purchased (1)TF103CE and (2)TF103C's. The thing I notice about these TF103's is that the battery doesn't last very long after having it fully charged and then using it. It doesn't seem to be a screen brightness, Wifi, or BT eating away at the battery life. The majority of the battery is being drained by the Android System and Android OS as shown by the battery usage indicators. I've read through quite a few of the battery problem threads with this tablet on this forum. The only one I found that may apply to my observation is that one person solved the problem by turning on the power management to optimized. Therefore, I went looking to turn that on as well. To my surprise, I couldn't find one where I've seen this on most of my Asus Android tablets as well as Zenfones. Is there an Asus Power management app I can download from the playstore for the TF103C's or is this hidden somewhere? I tried installing the ZenUI launcher but that didn't give me any power management to extend battery life.

    Currently, it's taking me about 10 hours to fully charge each of these TF103's after the battery has run down, using a 2.1Amp charger. In return, I'm getting about 3-4hours of use out of the fully charged battery and that's without the keyboard docked. This just doesn't seem right. In comparison I own a TF701t and T100TA and both of those give me plenty of battery life, near 12-14hours of use.

    The thing I noticed different is that the TF701t provides a Power Management tool but the TF103C's don't.

    From within Settings:

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