Transformer 103C...
Always been difficult to get a good WiFi signal and stay connected, but my ACER NetBook sitting in exactly the same location (not transceiving at the same time) had no problems.

I've been working with computers since the mid-80's, I've had CompTech, and NetAdmin jobs, built computers for a living for a few years, back in the ISA and VLB days, so I'm not clueless when it comes to digital electronics, and I've been an FCC licensed radio op since 1985 so I understand RF propagation all to well.

First failure was the touch screen, followed shortly by the position sensor, then it was the speakers that failed, and finally the touch got SO bad I couldn't accomp[lish ANY tasks by using the screen.
Always had a problem getting to to startup (come ON) from a cold boot, timing of how long to hold, when to release power button always seemed to vary. Poor design on 'startup' procedure.
Saw several complaints about this in the Eee series, but I figured it was simply 'operator error', found out it was NOT!

This unit has been totally frustrating ever since the warranty ran out, had problems with the OS, wouldhave been MUCH better with Linux installed as the base.

Worst $300+ (got a nice case to protect it) I have ever spent.
Tablet is now in the garbage can folded in half . Just couldn't take the frustration any more.

I Used to see the ASUS brand on motherboards all the time when building custom systems, and would try to acquire that brand whenever possible - for what the client wanted. They always seemed to be very reliable and very servicable, with very low failure rate. WTF Happened !?

Just because of this tablet, I shall NEVER purchase another scrap of hardware with the "ASUS" logo on it.
And I shall advise anyone that askes me, to stay as far away from ASUS as they can, just as I did for DELL...