Is there any way to know what app keeps awakening my tablet? I've noticed that even if I power the tablet down (shut off, not sleep), if it's docked, it'll wake itself up. I'm wondering if this is at all related to the more rapid battery drain on the keyboard.

As I'd mentioned in another post, if I have the tablet on its own, not connected to the dock, and I shut it off, there's very little battery drain....maybe 1% a day? But as soon as I connect the tablet to the dock, I find that it'll just turn itself on at times, and the keyboard dock drains rapidly....up to 10%/day, when it's supposed to be off.

I have a B70 dock. This problem seems to have largely developed since the last firmware update.

Any ideas? Is it possible I've got an app doing this? I do notice Fancy Widgets seems to draw power, even though I don't have the widgets installed on any I've uninstalled the app.