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    Rooting - please help a noobie

    So I read a few guides on rooting and I'm still unsure what it actually does, the only thing I do know is you can load custom roms?.

    Now I have a B60 TF and I was thinking about rooting only to increase the stability and to increase my level of control over my device, however, can someone please help me in understanding?

    1.Benefits of rooting specifically for the TF, Superuser access, bluetooth wireless PS3 controller support

    2.Which rom is best and does it actually increase stability and battery life?

    3.Once ice cream comes out how do I upgrade to that, I'm sure it won't be possible if I went through the system upgrade option

    4.Unrooting - is it easy as it sounds?


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    Rooting basically unlocks your device. You can run a custom ROM as well as a custom kernel. A custom kernel allows you to overclock (or underclock) allow you to balance the battery and performance of your device.

    The two most popular ROMs are Prime and Revolver. Check the Development section for other ROMs and kernels.

    Beyond that, rooting allows a full system backup using software such as Titanium Backup. You can also freeze pre-loaded apps (which makes them disappear from your app drawer). You can also uninstall, but you will have to reinstall to unroot and upgrade. You can also modify the keyboard file and customize the keyboard keys, install an ad blocker, and many other things. Do a search for the term "why root" with quotes to find more threads with details on what you can do.

    I have not rooted since I have an unrootable B7O so I cannot comment on which ROM is best or has the best battery life. I think this has more to do with your settings than the ROM. It is also depended on your clock speed, screen brightness, WiFi and Bluetooth.

    To get the official ICS release from ASUS, you will have to unroot. I am sure that the developers who make the ROMs will have new ICS ROMs out pretty quickly so you may not have to unroot.

    Unrooting, I think it is pretty easy, flash back to a stock ROM and kernel and that should be about it.

    Good luck!

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