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Thread: Sleep Mode

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    Sleep Mode

    Forgive my ignorant but I would like to ask what is "Sleep Mode"?

    Under settings when I seleted the MobileDock battery saving mode, the TF should not wake up when pressing any keys to my understanding. How about the touchpad? My TF seems to wake up when caressing the touchpad but not when hitting the keys. Any explanation?

    However this is not so if the TF is "off" after a lengthy period. Is this so called "sleep mode"? and not just the screen being off?

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    sleep mode is when you haven't touched ay keys in a while the screen will turn can turn it back on again by quickly pressing the power button. Regarding touching the scroll pad...i don't believe it shoud do that, but haven't tried it...i've actually turned y track ball off, because i find it annoying....if you hold the power button down for a length of time you power down the equipment....different from sleep because everything is off and not asleep....not sure if I've been helpful....

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    Sleep mode is when the screen is off. It is normal for the touchpad to wake the TF during this time. After a while of not using the TF, it goes into Deep Sleep automatically (how long, I do not know) and it depends on what apps are keeping WiFi alive and so on. During Deep Sleep, the touchpad should not wake the TF.

    Please continue the discussion on this thread which is virtually identical: Should the touchpad on the dock wake up the transformer from sleep?

    Thread closed.

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