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    No Text on Gallery Items

    So I like the Gallery, I suppose, except for a few points. I can't arrange items alphabetically by filename, and there's no text below the icons. I threw every episode of a 12-episode series into a folder and it randomized the order, no matter how I told it to organize them. On top of that it only shows icons and almost all the icons are the same for the episodes. The only way I can watch things in order is to open them from the file manager. Is there a way to make the Gallery more usable for me? I'd like to use it to open one video and then just let it play through the following videos in order after that (and be able to better identify items from the icons).

    CLARIFICATION EDIT: I can organize files by album, time, location, and tags. I want to organize by filename. I also want the option of displaying the filename below the icon. If there is a way to do this that would be great, otherwise does anybody know of an app very similar to the Gallery that can do this (that preferably also checks the MicroSD card by default)? I have a similar concern with the Music app - I like the layout and most everything about it, but I'd rather use a folder/filename layout than artist/album. Some of my songs have "feat. *another artist*" in the ID3 tag so that throws it in a different category than the rest of the album - I keep the directory structure and filenames strictly organized, though.
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