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    hc 3.2 update went completly wrong !!

    hello everyone
    i've got a really stupid problem
    last week i saw the notification "new firmware available" on my transformer and was really happy
    so i downloaded the file and clicked on "install"
    it checked the file and finally said, that everything is ok with it
    then the cute android guy came and the loading bar appeared
    i had the dock on and i had definetly more than 50% accu capacity on both of them, so i thought its gonna work
    but then the update stopped to go on and the triangle with the exclamationmark inside appeared
    i thought ok, lets wait, but after quarter an hour nothing has changed so i rebooted it, but the problem is:
    always, i reboot it, nothing else, than the eeepad logo comes up, no bootanimation, nothing
    ive tried the wipe ive tried the recovery mode with firmware installing via microsdcard, but theres only standing : failed: write_raw_image (" /tmp/blob". "staging")
    so my problem is i cant install any firmware and the transformer cant really boot
    please, if anybody's out there who knows what to do it: help me !!!!

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    Welcome to the forum and sorry for your issues.

    I am not sure what to do for this for sure, but if a wipe didnt work, I would try going to the ASUS site and downloading the latest firmware for your device. If you grabbed it in the US, it will defintely be the US version of the firmware. Unzip this to the top level directory of a microSD card. Pop it in and boot up. This should trigger a manual upgrade. I think the latest firmware is still 3.1. Here is the link to the firmware downloads:

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Eee- ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

    If that does not work, a call to ASUS Support may be the best bet.

    Asus Transformer 16 GB & Dock - Munching on Jelly Beans
    crApple iP*one 5 - Stock

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