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Thread: My beloved TF101 is starting to show signs of age...what can I do to boost it?

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    My beloved TF101 is starting to show signs of age...what can I do to boost it?

    I've had my TF101 for a few years now and it's become a part of my every day life. Like all couples we've had our ups and downs, a few crashes and niggles here and there but it's never let me down. However it's starting to show signs of old age, it gets tired very quickly and the browser seems to be developing some form of senile dementia. I did a hard reset last month and it seemed to help for a little while but the problems came back shortly after.

    The biggest problem is just the speed, and the fact that every time it boots up, half my apps stop working and I have to faff about setting them back up again.
    The charger on the screen doesn't work either so if I want to take it somewhere, I have to take the whole thing or I can't charge it back up, but I can live with that as it's docked 90% of the time anyway.

    I don't overburden it with too many powerful apps and I don't use it for anything too strenuous so there's always plenty of memory space.

    Are there any quick and easy ways to give it a bit of a pep? Thinking maybe a replacement battery may be the way to go.

    Any suggestions or advice welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum

    Here are some suggestions...
    1) Backup & Factory Reset - follow the guide thread on that from the Master Help Guide
    2) Get a new charger - as long as it is the correct voltage/amperage it doesn't need to be an Asus branded one
    3) Consider rooting & ROMing if you really want to breath new life into the device. Our Development section has a very reliable and thoroughly tested guide thread/s on that.
    4) Try a different browser - the stock one is not very good.

    The Factory Reset - done properly - will make you device feel pretty new again and if you have never done one, you are well overdue.

    All the best

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    Janner's got some good advice OhEmGee. I have a 201 that's also getting up there. I replaced the charger about 2 months ago as the original factory one would no longer charge the dock - though worked fine on the tablet itself. Odd. I looked at Caseen, who is a supporter here, but they were out of stock. Found chargers on and bought a pair of them for cheap (can't recall exactly, but they were only about $15 Canuck apiece...both work great). I also do a factory reset about twice a year. I'm not running all that many apps either & usually keep docs/pics etc backed up, much quicker for the factory resets that way. It's worth giving it a go if you're happy with how the tablet is performing otherwise...might save you a few bucks and extend the life.

    ...and welcome to the forum, cheers.



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