I have an Asus Transformer TF101. It is running stock 4.0.3 Android. I did an OTA update a long time ago. But for the past 6 weeks or so the bottom navigation bar/system bar (not sure exactly what it is called, but the bottom bar that has the back and home buttons, etc.) has disappeared and I can't get it to ever come back. I had updated several apps one night and the next morning when I turned it on the bar was missing. I uninstalled everything that had been updated the night before. but that didn't help. Reboots, factory resets, etc haven't done anything either. Every single time it comes up, I get the "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped." error and there is no bottom nav/system bar.

I have followed through the steps on this tutorial ([HOWTO UPDATE - WHEN ALL ELSE FAIL]Update to ICS and other major firmware updates) to root it. It appears to not root, and it looks like it fails because su isn't on the system so it can't complete what it needs to do. It is in the folder on my desktop. I am not sure why it didn't copy it over to the tablet. I see the following error when I run the viperMOD script:

Step 2 - Exploiting...

Step 3 - Installing busybox...
/data/local/installbusybox[6]: /system/bin/su: not found
/data/local/root[6]: su: not found
Step 4 - Cleaning up...

Once your Prime reboots, it will be rooted! Enjoy

It then reboots but when it comes back up, it is not rooted, and I get an error telling me that when I try to run the RecoveryInstaller app.

Any help on what I could do to fix things and get it to work?
Is there something I could do to get the bottom navigation bar back and functioning?
Has anyone else seen this type of problem? I couldn't find anything in my searches.

Is there something I am missing in the process to root the tablet? I re-ran through all the steps in that tutorial multiple times thinking I missed something. But I seem to be stuck. So I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.

I was 100% confident I could fix the system UI stopping problem once I found this tutorial, but now I am starting to get worried that maybe I have something else going on that might not be fixable.
Again, thanks for all your help, and sorry I couldn't get this figured out on my own.