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    Eee pad isn't recognized when I connected it to computer...and other travesties.

    About a month or so ago I started having trouble with my transformer. When I would try to charge it, it would take several attempts before it would indicate that it was charging at all. I assumed that it was either the wall charger was going bad (as quite a few people seemed to be experiencing that) or the USB cord itself. 2 weeks ago, it stopped charging altogether, or at least I thought so initially. But after A couple of days I realized that it it was charging but there was no indication of it doing so other than the screen brightening for a split second when it was first plugged to the wall. I also start plugging it into my Pc's (A windows 7 laptop and PC and an old XP PC) I get a little pop-up saying "USB device not recognized". Ok, so at this point i'm assuming that it's a USB cord issue as there are problems with connecting to the PC and wall charger. So, just get a new charger and USB cord, right? Right. So yesterday I finally located an office depot that sells them, got home super excited with my new charger, plug the cord in and..same issues. WHAT THE FRACK!??! So now I'm thinking its either a issue with the port on my eee pad or a software/firmware issue of some sort.

    A couple more details, I think the issues started around the 3.1 android update, not to say that was the cause of it. Also, I've doing a factory restore, uninstalling the asus suite and drivers and re-installing them and I've also updated to 3.2 (yesterday) still, my issues persist. Sorry for the long post and if I've posted this in the wrong spot, I'm just at wits end. help me obi wan you're my only hope...


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    First, welcome to the forum. Sorry for your troubles.

    I have had issues with my charger, I pulled the two pieces apart of the power block and bent the pins slightly inward and then reassembled it. Also some users have noticed that flipping the plug polarity in the wall can help.

    From the sounds of this with it persisting on two chargers and USB cables it may be a problem with the tablet. Do you happen to the dock? If so, do you have the same issues with the dock?

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    I'd recommend trying to pull the pins in the old charger a little upwards as frederuco said (although i also pulled them slightly away from the charger to fix mine)

    The tablet is trickle charging when you plugg it into a pc so your port is working fine (apparently it does that because the cable is USB 3.0)you can tell the trickle charge is starting when the screen wakes up after plugging it in.

    What are the odds of 2 busted chargers? Probably high since many people were complaining about this, worth the try especially since you already purchased another one.
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