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    TF101 dock and smoke

    Unfortunately someone spilled a little liquid on the hinge data port and smoke came out. The actual tablet works fine BUT if you connect the two then smoke comes from the hinge data port (on the dock). I've stripped it down to look and can see damage around the port and a clearly burned out PCB section. There may be deeper issues but it seems mainly down to the hinge port area.
    I see three possible choices I would appreciate help on.
    1. I'm looking for a replacement dock and throw this one away . 2. Repair the hinge PCB. 3 Get the whole thing repaired somewhere.
    For 1. I'd prefer to fix it, 2. I don't have the knowledge or schematics (I do have a sound electronic experience tho) and 3. Who does repairs? I am based in the UK but anywhere in a storm?

    All help appreciated.


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    There is a Dock teardown at Not sure about finding a new PCB if that is easy or possible.

    Asus support should be able to fix it, but they will probably charge you more than you can find a new dock for. I would try Amazon and eBay for used docks.

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    if you know how to do a little soldering knowledge and can confirm the part is identical, you can order the PCB from here:
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