So, the main reason I got a tablet in the first place was so I would be able to Skype with my family and friends once I left for a study abroad in China. However, the day I got it, I found that the moment I put headphones in, the built-in microphone would turn off, thus causing my friend on the other end to be unable to hear me. My friend, who calls himself a techie (although I have doubts) suggested that I buy a new set of headphones, this one with a built in microphone. I did buy a set ( : GOgroove AudiOHM iDX Noise Isolating Earbuds Earphones ( Electric Blue ) with Hands-Free Microphone, Call / Music Control & Custom Fit Silicone Ear Gels : Electronics) but they only redirect the audio into the earbuds half the time, and the microphone doesn't even work.

So I guess my ultimate question is: How can I Skype/google hangouts with earbuds in using a TF101? Would I need earbuds with a built in mic? If so, what would you suggest?