Help!.....I'm obviously new & am using a tablet for the first time. I realise its radically different from a laptop but I cannot seem to perform (or find ANY info about) a simple task - and I have to say that it must be a task that 90% of newbies will want to perform! I want to import a number of PC (windows 7) files from my pc to the transformer using a microSD card. I can get the files onto the transformer but when I click them in the android file manager, I cannot open ANY of them. I just get the message: "open file failed". These windows files contain 99% simple web links (URLs) and I just want to do what I can do on my pc (or any laptop) ie click on the weblinks in the files so that my browser (chrome) opens them.

1. What am I doing it wrong?
2. Is there a better way of achieving this very basic task?
3. I know that many thing can be done via google cloud but I have no experience of this and would have thought that the SD card transfer was much simpler anyway
4. Ditto Asus cloud - which I also know little about.
5. In desperation I downloaded the Eee pad PC suite onto my pc but cannot seem to use that to get around my problem either

The only reason I'm switching (or trying to switch from a laptop) is that I fly a lot and try as much as possible to take hand baggage only. With a tablet weighing in at less that half of the weight of even a netbook, this is crucial for me. Because I appreciate that tablets can be somewhat limited, I am aiming to do most of my work by remotely accessing my home pc from the tablet using an app like 'Logmein' (nevertheless I thought that I could still perform very basic tasks on the tablet - like the file transfer thingy above). The remote acces system also overcomes some of the constant security headache of carrying around sensitive data on a laptop/tablet.

1. Any thoughts on my ideas?
2. Is 'Logmein' the best app for remote access - particularly with reference to use on the transformer of course.
3. Am I right in assuming that an app costing 18 quid or so is better than low cost or freebie apps?
4. Can the transformer make full use of a 32GB high speed (class 6 or 10) or should I settle for a bog standard 32GB or even 2 x 16GB class 4 cards (at a much lower cost than the super duper 32GB hi speed)?

Sorry if some of my questions appear naive. I suppose I'll eventually get used to tablet use but right now I'm finding it tough to adapt.