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Thread: Screen Freeze

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    Screen Freeze

    Hello, I am appealing to you as a last resort because I think I tried everything.
    (Sorry but I'm French)
    I bought a used 16gb shelf transform tf101 I received this morning.
    Unfortunately it was only on Honeycomb 3.0.1 and root. Being a bit techie, I'm starting to try the install of ICS. (This was the first time I touched on Android. Before I was only on iOS with an iPhone)
    At first, I tried to unroot my tab.
    So I followed the following tutorial: ""
    Apparently the operation was completed successfully. Only small problem on restart where several error messages appear on the screen asking me to force shutdown.
    I did not stop the problem and went to the tutorial to install ICS:
    1. Turn your tablet on the sector;
    2. Download the archive corresponding to your build number from the server "Global" File <Microprogramme> (To verify this, please go to the tab "Settings" section "About the shelf" and watch the "Number build "which is the firmware version installed on your shelf):
    3. Save it to your MicroSD card and plug the card on the tablet;
    4. Shutdown the tab (Long press the Off button);
    5. Press both buttons: Volume DOWN ON and hold this position until the appearance of the screen update;
    6. On the menu appears, during the first 5 seconds, press Volume UP to begin the update. This directs the search bar of your storage media to see if there is an update available;
    7. Wait until the update process (Less than 10 minutes);
    8. The tablet will restart and inform you that an update is available for the dock (normal upgrade).
    Everything seems to have done correctly until restart. She blocks on the screen with ASUS 'Eee Pad "in the middle of the screen and" Asus "below.
    The speakers "slamming" by making a little noise all around 5sec.
    If I still pressed the power button, the tablet is turned off and restarts by itself and block on the same page. If I press on the volume button (-), and then the volume (+), seeks an update and blocks by the exclamation point (I tried putting several different firmwares on my micro SD .)
    If I press the startup volume (-) but without pressing the + thereafter, a screen appears with a logo and it says "WIPE DATA" and the top left it says "Press to <VOL_UP> execute or to cancel <VOL_DOWN> wiping data ". I do one or the other, the picture freezes and the speakers will be set to slam.
    If I press the startup volume (+), the screen is black, as if the tablet was off.
    I suppose, she is in APX mode

    I don't know what to do. I tried plugging into the dock, sector, etc. .. pc

    (I'm on a MacBook.)

    I already tried to rename the firmware on : "".
    My emulation of Windows 7 (VirtualBox) does not recognize the tablet despite installing the drivers APX. There is always a mistake.
    My firmware is: "WW_epad-"

    I really hope to have a quick help.
    Thank you very much.
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    Did you unzip the file you downloaded from the ASUS site? It is a zip file inside of a zip file, make sure you have unzipped the file one time and are left with the zip file inside. Then try your process that way again.
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    Yes I have unzip the file one time and I have alway the issue.



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