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    Exclamation 0% battery, red exclamation on charge indicator, but still charging

    My TF101G has developed a problem (I think since upgrading to ICS). It's only a couple of months old and still under warranty, but I am not yet ready to send it back for RMA (especially after hearing the horror stories about how they are treated when returned). Besides, uni starts soon and I'll need it!

    Anyway, the problem is that the red charging light on the dock never turns green anymore, the battery shows 0% charge in Settings, and the battery indicator icon on the tablet has a red exclamation mark all the time. But the unit is obviously still charging and holding charge, as there's been little if any decline in battery performance. I just never know how much charge is left.

    Also, I cannot accept firmware updates because the unit has to have 15% minimum charge for updating. And as it always reports 0%, I never get past that.

    I am wondering if it's worthwhile doing a factory reset? I don't have that much on it and I have a current backup on the SD card. But is it likely to fix the problem? Is there something else I should try first?

    Perhaps I should also mention that the TF101 went to Thailand with me recently, so there is a slim possibility that the power there did something screwy? But it's the same voltage as Australia, so I don't think so. Also I have tried charging from USB but no joy. And I have also installed the dual battery widget, which tells me both the dock battery and the tablet battery are at 0%.


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    I would back up your apps and data with the App Backup app, then do a factory reset.

    It may not help, but it won't hurt.

    You can then restore your apps with the App Backup if it works.

    Keep in mind app backup will not get any documents, music, movies, photos, etc. You will have to get them on your own too.

    Before doing that, I would undock your tablet, use it until it will not turn on.

    Then, charge it back up for 8 hours (tablet only) and see if that helps.

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