Hi all,

My name is Rich and im new on here after buying a Transformer TF101 with the dock.

After looking at forums about rooting and overclocking i was thinking i might be able to squeeze a bit more out of the hardware. I have successfully managed to root my TF101 B70 with the ICS 4.0.3 version IML74K9.2.1.11 and install a custom rom. I went for the Android Revolution HD 3.2.1 and it works brilliantly as the stock ICS which was already on it when i bought it crashed all the time. Im looking now at overclocking it to get a bit more out of it. I'm looking at around 1.4 1.5ghz so it will be stable and reliable. I installed SETCPU but it wont go more than the stock 1.0 ghz. So, Ive spent hours and hours reading different posts until my eyes hurt about how to overclock but what i need to know is do i just download a different a kernal zip to the SD card and then use CWM to apply the new kernal to the tablet? I dont want to brick my new tablet! Do you think I've gone for the right rom ARHD or do you guys on here think there is a better one to try? What Rom and Kernel is recommended for compatability for each rom? I have read posts of things not working correctly with different kernels like the SD card or the keyboard dock so want to get it right.

I know this is probably asked loads but its quite overwhelming with how much choice there is and dont want to break my new toy! My eyes cant take anymore reading! lol