Ever since the ICS upgrade, both of them, I've been getting the process android.process.media has stopped error message. Didn't seem to affect anything at first just annoying. Now I find that
all my albums in the gallery don't show up except the picasa albums. I know the pics/albums are there as I can see them using quickpic. Tried unmounting the SD card twice and no luck. Also
tried clearin g the data for media storage and the gallery in applications, again no luck.

Obviously this issue is a direct result from the ICS update which has been plagued with other more severe issues like the rebooting/dropped wifi/ draining battery issues.

Does anyone know what ASUS has said about the "process android.process.media has stopped" error in particular? Can't find anything on their official support page.

Guess this is what happens when you rush to be the first to launch an update. I love my TF101 and I was very happy with it running honeycomb. I appreciate Asus getting us the update but
would have rather waited weeks or months for an error free update instead of a quasi beta launch.