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    Trickle Charging Only - What to do next?

    During a recent trip I found that my transformer and dock were not charging properly using the UK adaptor plug and lead and the charging Icon on the screen was not showing when connected. After some investigation I have found:

    1) I can charge the tablet when is it in standby using a USB Charger for my HTC Desire and the Transformer USB Lead but as expected it does it slowly in trickle mode.
    2) The Transformer adapter will charge my mobile phone.

    My conclusion from this is that the adapter is faulty and will not operate in the normal charge mode for the transformer.

    Before I buy a spare one and then attempt to RMA the original one, is there any other steps I can try to get it back to normal.

    Due to the time it is taking to charge the tablet, I have not yet attempted to charge both the tablet and dock together.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    Have a look here...LINK
    It could be few things causing it.

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    There is a chance that your USB lead is faulty for the TF. It needs to use one of the USB3.0 contacts (pin 7 I believe) to determine that the TF is connected. If it detect this, the wall wart puts out 15 VDC. If the TF is not detected, it puts out a standard 5 VDC for USB.

    Sadly, the only way to test this is to buy another charger & cable (or find a friend that has one) and play with it to see what the issue is.

    Also, be sure that you are testing this and not using a USB extension cable. If you are using a USB extension cable to make your cable longer be sure it is a USB 3.0 cable. A standard (USB 1.1 or USB 2.0) cable with only 4 pins, it will only charge at a slow rate.

    I have seen some users who have a faulty cable but it works to trickle charge and also to transfer data to a PC.

    I have a link in my signature that you can try out that is for Charging & Boot Issues, but I am pretty sure you have run through most of that based on your original post.

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