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    *EDIT* Sleep or Standby mode and battery life

    Sleep or Standby mode and battery life


    I've been reading different forums on similar issues and nothing I've seen or tried to do answer or solve my problems. I recently purchased a TF101 (3wks ago) and notice that it had amazing battery life as stated on all the literature. I also have the dock which even extends the life of the battery.

    Before I started loading lots of apps, I notice battery life was excellent as posted. I downloaded a game called Contract Killer which is a large game (400megs +) and notice I would get these pop up updates..which I thought might always be running in the background even in sleep mode, so I deleted it. This app was the only thing I could see that could be the culprit to my issue.

    Over the last couple days, I notice that when the tablet is either in sleep/standby mode, the battery would drain 2-3% per hour (not connected to dock).

    I've read and installed Auto Airplane by (don) and CPU spy. Over the course of the night while tablet is not in use, On CPU Spy, the tablet was in deep sleep for only around 8%, while the majority of consumption was 216mhz..??

    I've heard claims of battery draining 2-3$ per day on sleep/standby mode while not in use. How can I optain that?

    My question are:

    -could downloaded apps/widgets (ie. accuweather) draw power while in sleep mode with Auto Airplane on?
    -what is making the tablet use the 216mhz power??
    -I wonder if I do a factory reset, if that would change anything?

    I can't see it being a hardware issue as I did get amazing battery life in the beginning..I will also be doing the udpate I found online with regards to the dock draining battery while connected to tablet.

    Any incite you can provide will be of great help.


    So I am happy to report that Autoairplane by Don is working. Last night, I rebooted the tablet after a full charge and overnight using CPUSPY it reported that the tablet was in deep sleep mode for most of that time. Although the battery is still draining, its more like 3-4% over the coarse of I'm happy with that.

    I heard you can customize or set a timer on autoairplane as to when to turn off wifi and so forth. Can't seem to see any setup on the app?
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    I have noticed the same issues since the last firmware update.....makes me wonder if that could be it.



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