OK, So I have only had my TF for about a week and so far it is AWESOME. I have been loving it. I am and IT manager for a company in Minnesota and we have been using iPads in our stores. I hate it because they bought them for the look not for function but I get all the questions about how to do this or that.

Anyway, I want to show off my TF. I think this type of device would be perfect for what we do. Problem is that the Exchange calendar does now appear to work with the ASUS calendar widget. I have my Person email calendar and my gmail calendar working just fine. But although the Accounts and Sync shows that I have a calendar setup for it, it will not display as an available calendar.

This works on my Droid Incredible just fine so I know that it is not my Server. Also, I downloaded another calendar app to try it and the same thing happens. The asus "Corporate" account (Which is created when setting up an exchange account) doesn't show up as an available calendar.

Any Ideas? I have Touchdown (both tablet edition and regular) and they have a calendar but they won't pull in the gmail calendar. Just looking for one calendar with a good widget that will pull in both.