Hi All,

I'm the exchange admin at my company and last week treated myself to a Transformer. I've added my Exchange account to the default email app and everything looked ok. The transformers taken all of its updates from Asus.
However yesterday I realised its not actually been sending emails from the Exchange account. They appear to be stuck in the Outbox.

I ran some traces on the firewall and exchange mobile logs, and when I hit the 'send all' button in the Outbox, I see lots of TCP traffic through the firewall from that client, no blocks. On the mobile log I see a lot of 200 OK replies and activity, but nothing gets sent.

So I'm guessing this is a compatibility issue.?

I've searched and found a lot of Droid/Exchange issues from 2010, not a lot in 2011 and non with an explanation. I've also found what look like Droid development bug reports, unassigned, not being progressed.

This is my first delv in Droid, so two questions:

- Any obvious reason for this (I have other Droid users, mobiles mainly, using Exchange with no issues) - so I'm thinking this is ASUS specific
- Is the app in the Transformer a default Android app, or something added by ASUS?