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    Force Close appearing in background when shutting down tablet

    I've recently purchased an Asus Transformer as a Christmas present for the family and on setting it up I have noticed a couple of apps cause a force close message box to appear when I am shutting down the tablet.

    The two apps in question are Prey and Toy Village, both apps seems to continually run in the background from tablet startup.

    Once I've installed one of these apps I notice that when I go to shutdown the tablet a force close message pops up in the background, behind the shutting down message. Unfortunately the shut down message can't be cancelled or moved so I am unable to click report etc. on the force close message to see the exact error message.

    The problem is more of an annoyance than anything. I suspect the problem is related to a Honeycomb 3.2 issue with shutting down apps gracefully, maybe there was a change in the API.

    I have since un-installed both apps because of this issue. Having this error message popup every time the tablet shuts down would take the edge off a great little Christmas present.

    Has anybody experienced the same issue, perhaps with other apps? I have contacted the developers for the respective applications, but would be interested to see how prevalent this problem actually is. I have only owned the tablet for just over a week and already found what appears to be a rather annoying bug.

    However other than this issue I love the transformer and I'm sure the rest of the family will too come Christmas.


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    Welcome to the forum, yep it happens with a few apps, probably just aren't coded well enough to end gracefully, or honeycomb shuts down a service / process that they rely on before ending them itself

    Its doesn't worry me though as I am shutting down anyway... !

    Shutting down Windows does the same thing but we just accept that, "Waiting for xxxx to shutdown, Force close or Wait"
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