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    Continuously Looping Boot Sequence

    So one day I turn of my transformer with the dock plugged in. It goes to the splash screen, then the ASUS logo with the circle of dots to indicate it's booting. Then after a minute or 2 it flashes the ASUS logo again and starts the circle of dots all over again. This has repeated ad-nauseum for 24 hours now.

    The strangest thing is I can't even turn it off!! to get any kind of response, I have to hold down the power button for 10 seconds. This resets it back to the splash screen and starts all over again. I've fully charged it, plugged it into the computer for an hour or so (not recognised), put it into APX mode (which just seems to make it look like it's turned off), tried all these things with and without the dock. But nothing seems to break it out of this cycle.

    Any suggestions (other than send it back for repair)?

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    Have you tried a long press (30 seconds) of the power button?

    Beyond that, I only have 2 suggestions:

    Remove the tab from the dock and let the battery run down and then try to charge it and see what happens.

    RMA to ASUS (but the battery will die before they get it so that is why you should try the above first).

    EDIT: Found this old thread which may have some other ideas: [How To] Recover From A Boot Loop
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