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    Question about charging and storage.

    I recently purchased last week the TF1 from Amazon and also ordered the keyboard dock with it. I love how the keyboard gives the tablet extra battery time and charges it but here's my concern. I have mainly just been using the tablet without the dock attached and then I will attach the keyboard at night when I'm not using it then fold it up & put it in my netbook bag that I have for it. My reason for doing this is so it will protect the screen and it charges it a little while I sleep but I'm concerned if this may or may not be good for the tablet's battery. I've always heard with my cell phone and stuff that you should completly drain the battery before recharging it so that there is no memory effect on the battery and the battery will last longer (have more charge cycles). Is this true? Like say, I have 60% left on my tablet battery and I connect it to the keyboard dock and it charges the tablet a little bit and I disconnect it for awhile and later reconnect it again (off & on) is this hard on the batteries? I'm just wondering if I should charge the devices seperatly (the keyboard & tablet) if say the tablet still has a good battery level and the keyboard is drained?

    Is there an app that will allow you to disable one of the batteries ,like say I have the keyboard attached so it will prevent from charging the tablet battery when it's not needed yet?

    Just curious as to how the charging & discharging works and how it effects the longterm life of the batteries?

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