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Thread: last Asus update CAUSED the dock/battery drain problem

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    last Asus update CAUSED the dock/battery drain problem

    Previous to the last Asus update, I was happy with battery life. Before I close my tablet when I was not going to use it for a while, I would faithfully kill all running apps and put it into airplane mode. Results were that very little battery got used when I was not using the tablet. After that upgrade, the battery drain has been fast. I have read the other posts - supposedly the definitive post that says how to determine if your tablet haas the problem, and a suggestion to install a persistent airplane mode app. I have followed those directions. My tablet passes his test in that it apparently is not a hardware problem causing my issue. But despite all of the efforts I still get
    excess battery drain. Informally, it appears that the battery drain is worse when the device is docked - I have no measurements to support this, only observations.
    Specs of my transformer:
    Model: TF101
    Android version: 3.2.1
    GPS version V5.58
    Wifi version: V5.2.63
    Bluetooth version: V6.24
    Kernel version: 26.36.3 android@Mercury #1
    Build number HTK75.US_epad-
    MobileDock version: EP101-0213

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    have you installed other apps after your update? we both have the same version and i have experienced this battery drain on my tab when i installed an app (astro file mgr). when i uninstalled it the drain disappeared.

    you may want to cjeck there is a thread that discusses this on the help section.
    HTC Desire HD running on 2.3.3
    Asus EEE Pad Transformer with Keyoard Dock on 3.2.1
    Clone Quad Core Desktop (Win 7 64bit)/ Acer Aspire 4736 (Win7 32bit)

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    I think you may be on to something. I seemed to notice a difference since that was installed but I have installed so many apps I couldn't tell if it was my imagination. The only good thing about Astro was the app backups.

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    There are multiple threads already on this topic. These threads all contain current information that point to a list of apps that needed to be updated following the last Android Transformer firmware update in September (U.S.).

    Many of these apps, including Google Maps, Blue tooth Transfer, Dual Battery Widget, and others have all been updated since, and addressed the fact that they did not execute the app shutdown procedure properly - causing extra battery drain. These apps are now working just fine.

    In addition, to assure that any lingering defective apps shut down when you turn off your Transformer (standby) - many have found relief from any excessive battery drain by installing the Auto Airplane Mode app (the version with DON as the author). This app asures that all apps and WIFI are turned off once a Transformer user turns their unit off into standby mode.

    Here is a post (and a thread) on this topic:

    Since this most recent thread is redundant, and all the solution information is already contained in multiple other threads (including the one linked here....there's no need for yet another duplicate thread on this topic.
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