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    Lightbulb Asus Transformer 7 inch version. Opinions?

    As many of you know, Asus is presenting the Asus TOUGH 7 inch tablet in Japan for bussiness use, with the same screen resolution and hardware specs of our Transformer.

    ASUS TOUGH 7-inch Honeycomb tablet lands in Japan ready for some corporate abuse -- Engadget

    I find interesting a 7 inch version of the Transformer for added portability, but it can use the keyboard dock already existent. I think the length of the tablet can be the same of the dock mechanism. Sure, will be not pretty at all in closed position, but the functionality will be there and we could use it in a car dock or as a second tablet. Asus only needs to pack the TOUGH in a compatible case. Not a lot of work for them and a nice alternative or complement.
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    looks too small to type with, could probably be good to fit in a small womens bag lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justice2034 View Post
    looks too small to type with, could probably be good to fit in a small womens bag lol.
    I think the 7" tablets have a place. I sometimes wish I had a tablet I could palm in one hand easily and type with the other. This would do the trick. It is bigger than the virtual keyboard on any phone by almost 50% so it will be easier to type on than most phones.

    BTW, my wife carries an iPad 2 in most of her purses without any trouble.

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