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    Anti virus products

    There are a number of these available on the app market. How serious is the threat to my TFand any recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monet View Post
    There are a number of these available on the app market. How serious is the threat to my TFand any recommendations?
    Better to be safe then sorry.. I use AVG it's free at the Market

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    I am a little paranoid about these things - so much so that I pretty much refuse to use any windows based systems. Have always gone for linux based systems - which is, of course, what Android is. The best advice you can have is to be careful where you get your apps from. The android market should be safe (but there have been cases such as "droiddream" where a hacker infected known apps with a trojan and then republished them on the market). As should the amazon market if you are in the USA. AFAIK you cannot catch anything from email on android - but I only use web based email for additional protection.

    In addition only use apps with a large number of downloads and check that the privileges asked for are reasonable - EG a live wallpaper doesn't need to access your contacts or personal information so if it expects to then you can be suspicious and not install it.

    Having said all that, however, I still use the (generally accepted) best free android security product available - Lookout Mobile Security. However because this uses SMS as part of its registration process you need to get it on an android phone first & then copy the apk across to your TF where it will run perfectly well & scan all your installed apps as well as every new app you install thereafter. You will have to do this every time there is an update until Lookout bring out a honeycomb version.

    Finally, however, your chances of anything nasty getting on your TF are so low as to be less than 0.1% so you are 99.9% safe - unless you visit dodgy places and dark corners!

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    I've used AVG Free for a number of years on several different computers. I'm afraid to say this, but I've never had a virus.



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