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    Mini Review and personal tips

    Got my Transformer 4 days ago .Before purchase i fully weighed the costs of being an early adopter-to both the TF and HC.I expected some hiccups and wasnt surprised at the ones but i got to learn how to deal with hiccups.
    Overrall i love this thing-it outweighed all my expectations!

    Performance-fluid-no real complaints except for the once or twice when it froze.

    video- have run 720p files with no issues-havent tried 1080p but lets face it 1080p files dont always run smoothly on even the average desktop or laptop unless u got a lot of horsepower running it-i use the stock player and MOBO and Double Twist

    Photos-photos are beautiful on the screen-warning the screen gets dirty fast with finger prints.(the Forum threads deal with this).

    Amazon Kindle works perfect as it is sopposed to.

    Audio -was able to transfer most of my itunes files over (non DRM) no problems with speakers(I think they are nice)

    interface-love the widgets and home screens ease of use and flexibilty

    The Market-its good that Amazon Market is available also---still i am dying for more app availabilty for tablets..some non tablet apps work well-others dont and others the Market wont even let you download if your TF cant handle it.

    Alerts-does as advertised-nice and not intrusive

    I did have issues with freezing-the first being a drastic slow down and the second being a full freeze and like a lot of people are having problems with waking from sleep or freeze. My solution-let battery fully drain and recharge DO NOT PUT A SCREEN TIMEOUT ON or a SCREEN LOCK until the OS is somewhat stable-i have no problem leaving it on all day and night (charging when you sleep or otherwise not using it) but too many people have not been able to wake from sleep-dont let it sleep.Also attaching the cable to computer or power supply sometimes seems to wake it after even a few mins on recharge. I hope updates correct this stabilty issue-i want so badly to win over my ios frinds but cant do it until stabilty issues solved.

    Other than the freeze/power button issue i love this thing and as said it surpasses what i had hoped for-want to make my Ipad friends jealous lol.(wont tell them about stability issues quite yet lol)

    The unit does not get excessively hot as some appliances do-even after use all day.

    Have not fully tested battery use, but today i had to do a battery drain from full charge and it took at least 7 hours to drain with the screen on-so even that says something( a screen freeze is battery intensive).

    Well thats my first overall impreesion after four days....Beware it is VERY Time consuming can take up hours using because it is so good.Leave it home dont take it to work lol

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    Nice write up. Glad you like it!

    Sent from my Transformer

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    Great write up Shane. Thanks for sharing!



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